AH logo

Pending the creation of the ARC HORLOGER association, arcjurassien.ch and Grand Besançon Métropole intend to ensure the visibility of the heritage concerned through a visual identity to which they hold the rights and which constitutes a common, unifying reference point and a mark of quality for all the players in this community.

The use of the ARC HORLOGER logo may be granted to third parties on an exceptional basis and subject to authorisation when organising a specific event (trade fair, exhibition, symposium, conference, publication, etc.) intended to enhance and promote know-how in mechanical watchmaking and art mechanics and their transmission.

All requests must be sent using the form (appendix 1) to one of the two partners, namely arcjurassien.ch in the case of the Swiss entities and Grand Besançon Métropole in the case of the French entities.


Rules for the use of the AH logo

App.1_Application form for the use of the AH logo

App.2_Visual identity charter of AH